Barcode Printers

A Barcode Printer is a device that is very similar to traditional printers, except rather than generating documents; it is used for printing of barcode labels and tags. It is specially designed to not only generate tens of thousands of labels and tags without error but also do it very quickly. As barcode printer has a print head that generates the heat required for printing. There is also a media sensor that detects the presence of media in the printer.Different types of barcode printers are available to cater to different markets like desktop, industrial, high performance and mobile.

These printers use different printing technology, can feature very high resolution and go wherever you want! Both these printers are capable of producing one and two dimensional barcodes. A Direct Thermal Barcode Printer uses a print head to heat special, chemically treated label stock. The print is created when parts of the label stock darken in response to the heat. It is an inexpensive way to print labels that are for temporary use. A Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer uses heat generated by the print head to melt a waxy substance on the ribbon. It generates labels that last longer and are more durable, but at a slightly higher price.

While choosing a printer, various factors need to be taken into consideration like resolution, print speed, print length, print width and interface used to connect the printer.We have a range of options available for you to choose from depending upon your business process and needs.