Health Care

The need for accuracy is of utmost priority when it comes to healthcare industry. Whether it's pharmaceutical manufacturing or bed-side activities in the hospital or medical supplies inventory; the real-time availability of information plays very important role in the all functions of the healthcare industry.

Our range of barcode, mobile, wireless & RFID solution allows you to capture the real-time data for each activity as well as provide last minute information.

Medication & Diagnostics

Auto Identification and Data Collection using bar coding technology, mobile computing and wireless technology enabling access to fast, accurate and online information led the healthcare industry to:

  • Streamline its existing procedures and practices
  • Improve efficiency in operations
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Enhance promptness in service delivery

The cross sections of the industry that can be benefited are as follows:

  • In the Pathological Labs
  • Bar coded cards containing the unique Patient ID can be issued for the patients coming for testing for the first time. As per the prescription, the test numbers are assigned against the patient ID and the bar coded labels containing the test numbers are pasted onto the tubes/plates containing his/her sample. After the test status comes, test tubes/plates are scanned and the status against them is fed into the system. While generating the test report, the system attaches the test status of the test numbers to the particular patient ID against which they were originally assigned, and generates the report. When a particular patient comes for collecting the report, his/her bar coded card is scanned and matched against the Patient ID mentioned in the report and the same is handed over to him/her without any possibility of wrong reporting. Whenever the same patient comes for any further examination, his bar coded card is scanned and the cardholder's previous medical history is fetched from the database for referencing and the same process can be repeated again.

  • In the Blood Banks
  • The bottles/containers containing different samples of blood are bar coded. Whenever any requirement for a particular sample of blood arises, bar code labels on the bottle/container surface are scanned. The scanned and decoded sample specification is displayed on the Hand Held Terminal of the person in-charge, matched against the required specifications and then issued for the surgery. Periodically the issued data can be transferred to the host through a serial port communication dock for the necessary stock updation.

  • In the Hospitals
  • Doctor/ hospital staff can access the necessary information of the patients using a mobile computer and use them while carrying out surgery, in ICUs, in their offices, in the clinics, at the point of billing, while forwarding the expenditure statement of the patients to the insurance company, which would enable them to streamline various operations like:

    Review patient history : Doctors can download the medical history of the patients from a serial port communication dock/through a modem or retrieve it online through GSM connectivity on a mobile computer which helps them take crucial decisions from remote locations.

    Check test results : Doctors can have connectivity through modem/GSM with pathological labs; instruct medication accordingly from the remote locations without physically checking the test results.

    Study X-ray/Ultrasound/CT Scan/MRI images : Radiologists can download/retrieve online the images of various body organs scanned by CT Scanner/MRI from multiple locations simultaneously without physically being present at the site of scanning, generate the reports and send them electronically to the concerned doctors who can initiate the treatment accordingly without any time lag. This helps them save time in the cases of emergency such as coronary, cerebral strokes, hemorrhages, traumas etc

  • Bed-Side Operations
  • Pharmacy medication administration by nurses/doctors without mistakes : Every hospitalized patient can be bar coded and the medical/ treatment/surgery records can be stored in the computer. Nurses can carry the RF terminals connected wirelessly to the access points which are connected through Ethernet land lines to the host containing the patient information. They scan the patient bar codes and the suggested course of medication flashes on their terminals which can be administered without any possible flaw and then update the patient data using their RF Terminal with regards to the patient's vital information like blood pressure, body temperature, dosage given etc. While making rounds doctors can carry the RF terminals, scan the patient bar code, see and evaluate the necessary information and can decide upon the line of treatment and update the patient data for the future references.

    While carrying out surgery : Surgeons can scan the bar coded patient cards before commencing the surgery and retrieve the critical information about the patients online using a RF Hand Held Terminal or a Palmtop with a RF card through wireless connectivity with the host containing the patient information. The host is connected to an access point through cable. Access point communicates with the RF terminal/ palmtop using low power Radio Frequency signals. Alternatively surgeons can download the patient information before commencing the surgery and use them for the flawless operation and update the patient database after the task is over by transferring the data to the host using a serial port communication dock.

Asset Management


You need to maintain an inventory of your fixed assets including medical equipments, hospital equipments, computers, phones etc. Tracking of their movement is another important aspect. Once or twice in a year you need to count your fixed assets as well. You also need to maintain their service record and service history as well as upgrade history. All these activities require recording of the event with an asset ID. Recording all this using manual methods is a tedious task and the accuracy of data captured is also not assured.

The Fixed Asset Management using bar coding is very simple by way of just attaching a barcode Fixed ID tag/label onto each fixed asset. Once each asset has bar coded tag, the user just has to scan the tag ID and record the activity in the system either by using a PC with barcode scanner or a mobile computer with barcode scanner.

Apart from enabling your application for bar coded tracking of assets, we also provide turnkey Fixed Asset Management solutions including Fixed Asset Software, Mobile computer and Bar code printers.

Inventory & Billing


Incorporation of bar coding can lead to a much efficient Inventory Control system in the various cross sections of the healthcare industry. Some of the key benefits are :

  • Fast and accurate information dissemination of the shipment leading to a better control over the inventory
  • First-in-first-out (FIFO) to minimize product obsolescence and maximize the freshness of the stock
  • Improved control over stock, warehousing and distribution of drugs
  • Better control over reorder levels hence shortening the reorder cycle
  • Effective practice of just-in-time inventory control principle
  • Flawless and speedy performance of periodical cycle counts
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Overall cost saving in inventory control


Patient Billing : The patient's bar coded card can be scanned at the point of billing, details of all the medications and other chargeable services given to him can be fetched from the database and bill can be generated without any possible flaw.

Insurance Claiming : While checking out from the hospital, patient's bar coded card can be scanned, details of all the medications and other chargeable services given to him can be fetched from the database and his/her expenditure statement can be forwarded electronically to the insurance company whose services the patient is availing.

Issue online instructions : Issue online instructions from remote locations to the fellow doctors, nurses and other medical staff using wireless RFID technology.

  • Mobile Computer:
  • You can carry out the following transactions using mobile computers: >

    Cycle Count : The stock balance as per the database can be downloaded into the Hand Held Terminal. The warehouse operator can scan the bar coded product ID and obtain the actual balance of the product there at warehouse against the downloaded balance thus performing an efficient, speedy and accurate cycle count.

    Receipts : The goods receipt information like the product ID, quantity being shipped etc. can be downloaded into the terminal. Actual receipt can be verified against the pre-received information by scanning the bar coded information and obtaining the actual quantity shipped.

    Dispatches : The pickup list/loading slip having information like the product ID, quantity of the CLDs to be shipped, bay/bin no. can be downloaded into the terminal and the actual shipment can be verified and controlled by matching the same against the downloaded information.

  • Bar Code Generation Software
  • Bar code generation software is needed for designing and printing labels. Bar codes complying with various 1D and 2D symbologies can be generated, which can be printed on a large variety of printers. Data source ranges from the keyboard entry to the various databases through the ODBC support. It can be attached to other host applications through the ActiveX support.

  • Thermal Transfer Printer
  • On receipt of goods at the warehouse, the bar code labels can be printed to bar code the products coming from various factories, if not already bar coded at the factory end. Different categories of printers like light duty, medium duty and heavy duty printers are available to cater to various intensities of printing needs.