In the field

Our range of mobile computing solutions helps your field staff in organizing and managing their daily routine more efficiently and in an organized manner.

In today's mobile world, an increasing number of workers spend time on the road: serving customers, inspecting and fixing equipment, and taking sales orders. Point-of-business access to real-time information gives sales; service and maintenance personnel the tools they need to reduce downtime and exploit revenue-generating opportunities.

Using solution for your field staff will enable you to :

  • Respond to and solve problems quickly, preventing costly shutdowns
  • Streamline order entry for rapid fulfillment to satisfy customers
  • Minimize paperwork, saving time and money

Sales Force Automation

If you are a FMCG or Consumer Product company with number of SKUs, network of Sales Team and Distributors and facing the problems of

  • Getting delayed information on the Orders booked by your sales force resulting in delayed deliveries
  • Errors in the data entry leading to wrong shipments/ invoicing
  • Sales team not being able to implement the sales promotion schemes in time
  • Sales team wasting a lot of time in complex calculations for order booking
  • Sales team not able to push the desired product-mix due to large no of SKUs and lack of information on the historical data of the customer
  • Sales team wasting precious time in traveling to and from the office for exchange of information
  • The cash collection is not up to the mark and credit limits are not being adhered to
  • Finding it difficult to allocate the route of the absentees to other salesmen
  • Finding it impossible to track the movement of your sales tea

.The SFA is the answer to your all these problems. The SFA solution consists of mobile computers, SFA software for Mobile Computer and integration software to your business application.

We at Bar Code India Ltd, build these solutions to meet the need of your sales staff on turnkey basis. We help you in choosing the right hardware, building the right software for mobile computer and putting all it together to achieve the results.

Field Services and Utilities


Our mobile computing solutions provides you with a powerful tool to automate your utility and field applications like meter readings, deliveries or pick-ups, work order management for onsite repair and maintenance etc. We offer mobile computers capable of working in harsh field environments, withstanding multiple drops, having industry standard operating system (Windows CE.Net, Windows Mobile) with facility of integrated barcode scanners, signature capture along with other field mobile accessories like mobile printers for giving on the spot receipts and development of software for mobile computers as well as middleware software for integration with your backend application.

Using mobile computing solutions for your field application your can :

  • Increase your revenues
  • Increase accuracy and timeliness of data thus avoid delayed and wrong billing/deliveries
  • Cut down on tedious and labor intensive paper work
  • Enhance efficiencies of your field staff
  • Eliminate the possibilities of reporting fake readings and visits
  • Have a satisfied customer
We have the full range of hardware (mobile computer, mobile printers etc) to meet the harsh requirements of your field application. Our in-house software development skills build intelligent solutions for these mobile devices to give you a complete working solution integrated to your business application.