In today's competitive era of business, the availability of updated information plays a very critical role in the success of your business. Logistics supply chain plays a key role in driving your business smoothly. Whether it's tracking the consignments or managing it within your warehouse operations, the barcode, wireless and RFID technologies bring higher information availability with accuracy to your business.

The freight & courier company are also reaping the benefits of these technologies in data collection and enhancing customer service.

Using GSM based mobile data collection, the information is captured in real-time from the point of pick-up or delivery and updated in the central system immediately. Also in the hub operations; bar-coding and wireless technologies plays very important role. While giving you full pace in manual operations, they maintain the accuracy of the information as well as reduces the burden of validation and data entry from your staff.

Integrating these technologies with your ERP/WMS/ Business Application brings the real ROI for your business. We integrate these technology solutions with your business applications in a seamless manner to meet your data collection needs in the entire logistics supply chain.

Consignment Tracking

Bar coding plays a vital role in consignment tracking in the logistics sector enabling it to reap multilevel benefits like:

  • Easy tracking of the consignments at any point of time
  • Real time update on the consignment position
  • Drastic reduction in time lag
  • Better optimization of the consignment routing
  • Circumstantial midstream deviation of the consignment routing from the predefined route
  • Precise performance evaluation of each participating distribution point in the entire distribution chain
  • Accurate analysis of the inherent/ extraneous factors acting as distribution obstacles at various intermediate distribution points
  • Substantial cost saving in the distribution process
  • Speedy and timely delivery to the customers
  • Provides critical inputs to redesign alternate distribution methodologies over the conventional ones
  • Elimination of various speculative background preparation saving the time and cost involved in it

The participating products enabling the implementation of the total solution are:

  • Mobile Computers/ Wired Scanners:
  • Dispatches from the origin : The bar coded dispatch note containing data like consignment no., destination code, mode of dispatch etc. is scanned against the actual dispatch, prompts against any erroneous dispatch and the verified data gets transferred to the database either online (in case of a wired connection) or in a batch mode (in case of the portable batch terminal).

    Consignment Tracking at participating distribution points : At every participating distribution point, the bar coded dispatch note attached to the consignment is scanned at the time of receipt and further dispatch to the next distribution point or to the customers. In-time and out-time can be keyed in for calculating the holding time in a particular distribution point. The scanned data along with other variable data like in-time and out-time can be fed locally in the computers located at the distribution points, from where they can be transferred to the main server located at the H.O. for updation, decision making and further analysis.

  • Bar Code Generation Software:
  • Bar code generation software is needed for designing and printing bar coded dispatch notes complying with various 1D and 2D symbologies along with the other human readable information in any printer. Data source ranges from the keyboard entry to the various databases through the ODBC support.

Also your application can be enabled to generate bar code labels using Thermal Transfer printers without need of any external label printing software. We can help your software team to integrate our barcode printers directly into your application.