Starting from the point of manufacturing to point of sales (POS), the retail business is driven by the availability of accurate and reliable information on time. The Automated Data Collection Technologies (i.e. Bar coding, Wireless, and RFID) empower the retail business to meet these critical needs of real time availability of information.

In today's customer service demanding business environment, where the competition is increasing and margins are eroding, the merchandisers need Tools, which would help them in better customer service, reduce shrinkage by maintaining accurate and real-time inventories.

We fulfill the gap between your business and data collection needs in retail by way of integrating barcode, wireless, and RFID technologies to your business application. Whether it's automating your Retail Supply chain or it's your retail POS counter, we have solutions to meet all your needs.

POS Management

POS (Point-of-Sale) refers to those applications in which a retail store manager wants to keep track of all sales transactions during the day. Most POS systems run on a PC with cash registers built around a PC. POS applications can run reports to show cash / credit card transactions, and have provision for inventory control. After integrating bar coding into the POS system, you will experience a dramatic change in the dynamics of your business.

A retail store can track its bar coded inventory and also allow for the quickest possible sales transactions to prevent long lines. By purchasing a complete system, the store executives can scan items into the system and also scan items as they are sold. The scanning ensures that the correct item will be entered in the system and provides the most accurate report at the end of the day.

Using wireless and mobile technologies with barcode scanning, the POS activities can be made customer friendly by way of having Mobile POS solutions where

Supply Chain Management in Retail


Using Barcode, RFID & Wireless technologies can help you update your retail supply chain in real-time mode. The real-time updated status of your supply chain helps you to achieve:

  • Higher product availability
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • FMFO
  • Faster transactions
  • Inventory forecast
While RFID tracks the consignments at pallet levels, the barcode and wireless systems let you track your goods at item level fulfilling all your data collection needs. We integrate all these technologies to your business application to help you achieve the desired results by way of middleware and interface software. We help you in selecting the right product and then build the requisite solution to meet your business needs.