Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner captures the data from the barcode and transmits it into a computer system, which then can translate the information, and in most cases store it into a database. They are available in various types depending on the type of application like hand held, on-counter, 2D imager, fixed mount, cordless and memory scanners. Common features of bar code scanners include audible or visual "good reading" indicators, omni-directional reading ability, numeric or alphanumeric keypad included, and memory for data and program storage.

Designed to maximize productivity even in less than optimum conditions, barcode scanners find use in a variety of areas from point of sale to inventory management.When you're able to keep the checkout line moving faster, track medications and control inventory more accurately, even in the harshest environments, revenue automatically increases.

Before choosing a scanner, consider several factors such as the frequency of the scans, the distance from which scanning will be performed, how it will be connected, and whether or not the scanning process needs to be conducted on a real time basis. We have a range of options available for you to choose from depending upon your business process and needs.