Barcode Scanners

On counter scanner are hand free scanners having 'omni-directional' scanning capability allowing the user to capture data from any orientation. These scanners are designed to be placed on the countertop or mounted below the surface of the countertop and possess the capability to detect the presence of nearby objects, turn on automatically and capture the barcode. Obviously, they are a great boon for point-of-sale retail applications as the user needn't take the extra time to line-up a barcode. Similar to hand held scanners, these scanners are connected to either keyboard or USB port of your PC and enable the barcode reading into your POS application directly. The scanners can also be connected to RS232 port for programmatic barcode reading through application.

LS 9203

The high-value, cost-effective LS 9203 omni-directional bar code scanner is easy to use, deploy and maintain and enhances profitability by driving more accurate sales transactions and enabling better inventory management. And its durable construction protects it from the shocks of heavy use, extending the life of your investment.

Applications :

  • Retail
  • Pharmacies and Drug Stores
  • Library

Additional benefits:

  • Ideal for small retail operations and institutional organizations requiring dependable data entry
  • Features omni-directional scanner designed for both hands-free and handheld scanning of bar codes
  • Increases accuracy of transactions and tracking of inventory, while reducing the costs associated with scanner maintenance, training and operations
  • Ease of deployment and durability combine to lower total cost of ownership
  • Small form factor suits retail environments in which counter space is at a premium
  • Integrates with your existing POS solution to offer more detailed and timely information about sales — giving you insights into customer behavior

LS 9208

The LS 9208 presentation scanner delivers both a high-performance processor and an innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern for increased productivity at checkout, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Built for both speed and versatility, the LS 9208 features a small footprint, choice of colors and an optional, adjustable multimount stand that is easily adaptable to many point-of-sale environments.

Applications :

  • Retail
  • Pharmacies and drug stores
  • Time and attendance
  • Library
  • Office automation

Additional benefits:

  • High-performance processor and innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern lets you quickly capture bar codes no matter how they are presented — allowing you to speed checkouts, keep lines short and customers satisfied
  • Small footprint and integrated Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna save counter space
  • Side-mounted trigger lets operators activate single-line scan mode to read bar code menus or pick lists
  • Switches easily between handheld and hands-free
  • To ensure compatibility with emerging standards, the LS 9208 supports reduced space symbology (RSS) and 14-digit global trade item number (GTIN) bar codes. And, multiple on-board interfaces allow you to use your scanner with different host systems.

LS 7708

The LS 7708 mini-slot scanner is the perfect choice for retailers looking for higher throughput and increased productivity. The on-counter LS 7708 is available for presentation or swipe scanning in an attractive form factor For fast, accurate merchandise scanning at checkout, this easy-to-use, hands-free scanner requires minimal operator effort. Every feature contributes to increased performance for more efficient, rapid customer checkouts.

Applications :

  • Retail
  • Library

Additional Benefits:

  • Advanced technology accelerates scanning and point-of-sale throughput
  • Provides a multi-line rastering, omni-directional scan pattern, which eliminates the need for operators to line up bar codes with scan lines
  • Available for presentation or swipe scanning
  • Features a secondary scanner port enabling you to connect a handheld scanner for scanning heavy or cumbersome items
  • Offers the most dense scan pattern of any mini-slot on the market for higher first-pass read rates
  • To ensure compatibility with emerging standards, the LS 7708 supports reduced space symbology (RSS) and 14-digit global trade item number (GTIN) bar codes. And, multiple on-board interfaces allow you to use your scanner with different host systems.

LS 7808

The advanced LS7808 horizontal mini-slot scanner delivers exceptionally high first-pass read rates for faster checkout times - and better customer service. The omni-directional scan pattern reads the bar code regardless of orientation, eliminating the need to precisely align products to the scanner. And the hands-free design and large scan window enable your cashiers to stay focused on your customers, instead of the products they are scanning - enabling high levels of personalized service.

Applications :

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

Additional benefits :

  • Flexibility to scan all one-dimensional (1D), two dimensional (2D) and PDF417 bar code symbologies, with laser-like accuracy from any angle, with a single device
  • Automatic reconstruction of poorly printed or damaged bar codes, delivers exceptionally high first-pass read rates and throughput at the point of sale
  • Flush-mount, mini-slot design reduces clutter on the sales counter and is easy to use — just slide the product and go
  • Integrated electronic article surveillance (EAS) connectivity enables cashiers to simultaneously capture the bar code and deactivate the EAS tag
  • On-board support for multiple POS interfaces ensures seamless integration with the host system, as it evolves
  • Comprehensive support for one-dimensional bar codes, including Reduced Space Symbology